The Danube Tango Marathon's history started back in 2009. It used to be a New Year's Eve meeting for tango lovers from all around Europe. In the past years this marathon became one of the most "worth to come" event of Budapest, with it's good size, friendly atmosphere and role balance.

After 10 years of experience - and feeling the bigger demand - we decided to open the circuit for a bigger crowd and upgraded the concept to a FESTIVAL & MARATHON combination.

We found a new and perfect location for the event, where we will be able to create that cosy and friendly atmosphere, which is one of the main quality of Danube Tango events. There, we can hold all milongas and classes and all participants can sleep in the heart of Budapest.

We keep inviting our - and also your - favorite tango djs. Some good old friends of Danube Tango events and some newcomers too. 

Last but not least, we invited 2 World Class teacher couples who captivated our hearts and eyes many times before in performances and classes.
We are so thankful that they accepted our invitation!

The maestros of the festival are: 
Clarisa Aragon & Jonathan Saavedra, and

Stephanie Fesneau & Fausto Carpino.


Gabor Novak   –   Tel: +36 20 9431614
Marina Hoffman  –  Tel: +36 70 7700118


Email: registration@danubetango.hu

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