Danube Tango
Marathon/Festival 2021

30 April - 02 May 2021 Hungary - Balatonkenese



Rino & Graziella

Masters of creativity and fluidity.

Their unique style is based on a long professional dance career, deep knowledge of body movements, and their lovely personality.

They will give us a 4-class seminar and two separate group classes.

The seminar title is:

Total improvisation

Connection, technique, musicality, expressing, deepening. A profound work dedicated to each participant to bring out the emotions that they feel inside and for transmit them without saying a word.... Your personal tango .... as you feel it.

Class titles:
The fourth Sacadas
Gancho chain


Maria Filali

Maria is THE WOMAN of tango.

Her way of dancing is elegant, intelligent and meaningful. Her way of teaching is clear, consistent and universal for all roles, techniques and styles.

She will give us a 4-class seminar and an embellishment technique class.    

The seminar title is:

TANGO, a movement from inside to outside

Understanding and sensing the « grammar » of Tango, mastering the concepts underlying the visible movement (Personal and couple technique for both roles).

Class title:
Identifying different types of adornments in the walk and ochos.
Are they lead or a « moment of freedom » ?

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We found a great venue for this edition of the marathon/festival!
Hotel Marina Port Kenese is a nice 4-star hotel with great services, huge swimming pool and SPA facilities, and a 300 m2 ball room with windows all around.
It's about 1 hour drive from Budapest and easily accessible via public transportation - train, bus - as well.
The accommodation price includes breakfast and buffet dinner along with the usage of the SPA.




        Konrad Krynski       


        Sonja Zivanovic      


      Franceso Cieschi       

         Balázs Gyenis       


          Theo Sevdas        

       Horia Calin Pop       


Cancellation policy

After registration we will ask you to transfer 50 EUR as a deposit.
The rest of your registration fee is to be
paid upon arrival in cash.


The deposit will be fully reimbursed in case of cancellation until 28th March.

After that date the deposit is


Marathon Packages

3 nights package - 246 EUR
includes: all milongas, accommodation for 3 nights in the 4-star hotel, breakfast and buffet dinner included.
2 nights package - 184 EUR
includes: all milongas, accommodation for 2 nights in the 4-star hotel, breakfast and buffet dinner included.
No accommodation - 70 EUR
includes all milongas without food and accommodation.
Single night milonga tickets will be sold on the spot in regard to the room capacity. 20 EUR each.
Afternoon milongas are available only with marathon passes.


Group classes - 20 EUR
You may register as a couple or alone. We will let in the same amount of leaders and followers to the classes.
Seminars - 70 EUR
Seminars include 4 group classes with the same teacher and partner. You may register as a couple or alone. We will let in the same amount of leaders and followers to the classes.
Additional classes - 17 EUR
If you take a seminar, every additional class can be taken at a discounted price.



from 12.00       Check in, registration


17.00 - 18.15   Maria Filali - Seminar 01

18.30 - 19.45   Rino&Graziela - Class 1
                          The fourth sacada


19.00 - 21.00   Dinner

21.00 - 04.00   Milonga - DJ Konrad

24.00                Midnight soup



09.00 - 11.00    Breakfast

13.00 - 19.00   Milonga - DJ Theo


12.00 - 13.15   Rino&Graziela - Sem. 01

13.30 - 14.45   Rino&Graziela - Sem. 02

15.00 - 16.15   Maria Filali - Seminar 02

16.30 - 17.45   Maria Filali - Seminar 03

18.00 - 19.15   Maria Filali - Class 1
                          Adornos for both roles

19.00 - 21.00   Dinner

21.00 - 01.00   Milonga - DJ Balázs

24.00                Midnight soup

01.00 - 05.00   Milonga - DJ Francesco



09.00 - 11.00   Breakfast

13.00 - 19.00   Milonga - DJ Sonja


12.00 - 13.15   Maria Filali - Seminar 04

13.30 - 14.45   Rino&Graziela - Sem. 03

15.00 - 16.15   Rino&Graziela - Sem. 04

16.30 - 17.45   Rino&Graziela - Class 2
                          Gancho chain

19.00 - 21.00    Dinner

21.00 - 02.00    Milonga - DJ Horia