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Danube Tango
Festival 2021

3-5 December 2021
Budapest, Hungary


Bruno y Rocio
Rocio Lequio & Bruno Tombari

Their dance is clihcé-free, fresh and unique. Their teaching method is super clear and effective.
Take the advantages to learn from them and end enjoy tango as you enjoy playing.  

They will give all together 8 classes during the festival. 5 individual classes and a seminar of 3 classes. Go to Programe to see the schedule.

Impro Tango Game Seminar

3 consecutive class about improvisation for dancers with at least 2-3 years of experience.
A - Musical interpretation: rhythm, qualities and expressiveness.
B - Couple interaction: challenges to improve communication.
C - Dance Structures and "The Game".

Single lessons:
Sacadas for both roles: technique and combinations

Boleos from non conventional positions.

Giros: lápices, planeos on different speeds.

Vals: chained and circular sequences.

Milonga: the party mood.

All classes are for intermediate/advanced level dancers and given in English.



Back to the source!

The Danube Tango story started here. Many great tandas, happy faces, warm hugs and beginnings of beautiful friendships...

Bakelit Multi Art Center

This iconic place is located at an abandoned old factory building, and it is home of many contemporary art projects: dance, theatre, exhibitions, art workshops end so on.

Once you have been here you will never forget. 



   Lucas Milona Gazcon   


      Sonja Zivanovic     


    Francesco Cieschi     

Djiki dj_edited.jpg

        Djiki Ristic          

        Balázs Gyenis       


     Dorotha Zyskowska   


       Carlo Carcano      


         Janja Frank         



We suggest two different options for accommodation during the festival. 
Of course Budapest has plenty offers for tourist on every price level, but if we ware you, we would choose one of these options.

This 3 star hotel is located close to the city center, on the way to the main location (Bakelit). It's a brand new hotel with great comfort.
Our shuttle service to the main location starts from here.
single room  42 euro/night - 49 with breakfast
double room 46 euro/night - 53 with breakfast
triplet room  67 euro/night - 78 with breakfast

B&B Hotel Budapest City
23 euro per night per person

The Factory Hostel is located in the same building of the main location of the festival. It's a bit far from the city center, but super close to the dancefloor. The hostel has dormitory rooms for 8-12 beds, and common bathrooms. If you are in a low budget and willing to make new friendships and have fun, you don't really want to go for sightseeing, but dance all weekend, than it's a great choice for you. 
There will be separate rooms for girls and boys...

Factory Hostel - Bakelit
17 euro per night

To book your spot, please fill in the registration form! You will get the discounted prices only if your registration is through us.




from 13.00       Check in, registration



14.00 - 19.00   Dj LUCAS MOLINA

19.00 - 24.00   Dj LUCA CSATAI

24.00 - 05.00   Dj FRANCESCO


18.00 - 19.20   Sacadas for both roles: technique and combinations

19.30 - 20.50   Impro Tango Game Seminar part A - Musical interpretation: rhythm, qualities and expressiveness.




14.00 - 19.00   Dj JANJA

19.00 - 24.00   Dj BALÁZS

24.00 - 05.00   Dj CARLO


13.30 - 14.50   Vals:
chained and circular sequences.


15.00 - 16.20   Impro Tango Game
part B - Couple interaction: challenges to improve communication.

16.30 - 17.50   Giros: lápices, planeos on different speeds.



14.00 - 20.00   Dj SONJA

20.00 - 02.00   Dj TIHA


13.30 - 14.50   Milonga:
the party mood.

15.00 - 16.20   Impro Tango Game
part C - Dance Structures and "The Game".


16.30 - 17.50   Boleos
from non conventional positions.


Cancellation policy

In case of cancellation your payed marathon fee will be transferred to a future edition.
Workshop fees can be
paid back if cancellation happens 5 days before the event. (After that we can not make any refund.)
The hotel/hostel fees are not refundable. Although in case you can not come, you can transfer your spot to another accepted marathon guest. (In this case you'll have to ask the amount from that person)

Covid policy
We will ask EU-covid immunity pass to enter the event.
If we will have any information about higher risks, we may apply more strict policy, and ask a fresh negative PCR-test in addition, from any participants in order to protect every one of us. 


Milonga tickets

Marathon package - 80 EUR
includes: entrance for all milongas from Friday afternoon until Sunday night. 
Daily milonga ticket - 30 EUR
includes: entrance for afternoon and night milongas on one day - Friday, Saturday or Sunday.

Night milonga ticket - 20 EUR 
includes: entrance for night milonga of one day - Friday, Saturday or Sunday.  Available every day from 21.00 o'clock.

The daily and night milonga tickets will be available ONLY on the spot in regard to the room capacity. 


Group classes - 20 EUR
You may register as a couple or alone. There will be the same amount of leaders and followers on the classes.
Seminar - 60 EUR
Seminars include 3 group classes 
You may register as a couple or alone. There will be the same amount of leaders and followers on the classes.