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how to get there?


By public transportation

Margaret island is closed for cars, but public transportation buses are allowed to enter. The closest bus stop (nr 26, Hajós Alfréd uszoda) is just 150 m away from the location.
The trams nr 4 and 6 - running 24/7 (!) - take you to the entrance of the island, from where the marathon venue is only in 8 minutes walking distance.


By taxi

Margaret island is closed for cars, but
ELECTRIC taxis are allowed to enter.

There are many official taxi companies in Budapest. We highly recommend you to download a taxi company's application and order online. Do NOT sit in to any kind of taxi on the street, to avoid "funny" drivers who take advantage of tourists!


By public bikes

Margaret island is closed for cars, but bikes are allowed to enter.
Mol BUBI is great and cheap option for transportation if you like to ride a bike.
For only 500 Huf per month(!) subscription fee (not even 1,5 €), you can take 2 bikes at a time, for a short  - max 30 minutes - ride.There is a Mol BUBI dock just next to the location.

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