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We are dedicated to give you the highest quality of teaching, in terms of sharing knowledge, improving inaccuracy and enjoyment. We do not care about talent or dance experience, nor about age or shape, and try to divide our time equally amongst everybody. We are more than happy to feel your involvement and commitment, and to welcome you in the world of argentine tango.


Tango Group Classes

We offer group classes every week from Sunday to Wednesday, starting at 6pm, to learn to dance socially.

We use the Factory method, meaning that every month, we start a new topic. Therefore, it's usually best if you join at the start of the month. But feel free to contact us for special demands. 

The classes have a maximum of 15 couples and we always make sure they are role balanced. Therefor, if you would like to come alone, please write to us beforehand (1 or 2 days in advance) so we can try and find you a partner.

Note that if you come spontaneously, you might not be able to join the class. 


If you never tried tango, we suggest you to join one of our intensive complete beginner week-end courses (see below).


- Level 1: less than 6 months tango experience:  From September 2019, Wednesday 18.15-19.30

- Level 2: 6-12 months tango experience:  From September 2019, Wednesday 19.30-20.45

& Thursday 18.15-19.30
- Level 3: more than 1 year tango experience: From September 2019, Monday 18.15-19.30
- Level 4: more than 2 years tango experience:  From September 2019, Tuesday 19.30-20.45
- Lunch tango: From September 2019, Wednesday 12.00-13.00

- Tango for students: From September 2019, Tuesday 16.15-17.45

- Dancer training: From September 2019, Thursday 19.30-21.30


Factory Brigad

Shine with us, be a part of the Factory Brigad!

Share your love of the dance with an audience, let them see how it moves you and its meaning to you. 
It's an exciting and uplifting experience.

When?    From September 2019, Monday 19.30-20.45


Factory Queer Tango

Every Tuesday night, we create an open space to let you explore the role you want, regardless of your gender. 

Why  the term "queer"?

The environment we would like to create is one of kindness and openness. We want everybody to feel at home in our place. Although we are not queer people in the sexual meaning of it, we would like to declare that everybody is welcome and wanted. This is true for any of our classes but if you don't yet feel comfortable joining any one of them, then the Queer Tango is for you.

We do not want to segregate but rather say that "different", "non-mainstream" very much corresponds to the Factory vision. Furthermore, those classes will be even more dedicated to role changes than any of our other courses. 

The class is an open level class, which means you can join at any time. Do let us know beforehand (1 or 2 days in advance) if you will be coming alone, so we can try and find you a partner.

When? From September 2019, Tuesday 19.30-20.45


Private classes

Private classes are suitable for people with irregular schedules, who feel they have stopped growing or want a deeper and faster improvement. 

A private class is not a tango ego massage. It is designed to spot mistakes and eliminate them. We always first work on the basics and only once those have reached a satisfying level do we move on to more complicated figures. We expect hard work and commitment from our students, all in an enjoyable environment. As everybody is different, each classes are specifically built and adapted to the person's capabilities. 


You can come alone or with your partner, with one or two teachers. 
To book a class and ask for conditions, please contact us!

When? Gabor: weekdays 3-5:30pm

                 Marina: weekdays 3pm-5:30pm


Complete beginner week-end

"Jump into tango!"

If you never tried tango before, this intensive week-end seminars are made for you. We organize them regularly, once every 1-2 months.  
Tango is a sophisticated dance. We can't promise that you will learn it in two days, but we do promise to give you enough information and fun, so you know at the end of the week-end if tango is right for you.

The courses are on Saturday and Sunday at 11am - 2pm or 3pm - 6pm.

The price of the 6 hours seminar is 8.000 Huf/person or 12.000 Huf/couple.

To register, please send an email to our e-mail address, by clicking on the button below.


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