Tango with us

Tango is more than just a dance, it is way of life. 


"Communicating without words"

"Knowing oneself" 

"Trusting and accepting" 

"Expressing and creating together" 

"Socializing and building community" 

"Being unique and universal"

Our purpose: to help you find your voice in tango.

We believe that tango is a language. One that has its own specific rules and vocabulary.

First, we get to know the rules. Then, we learn the vocabulary. Finally, we reach beyond the limits. 

Find your own personal dialect and share a meaningful and fun story with your partner!

We teach in 2 languages: English and Hungarian

(German and French are possible too).

Tango Factory Founders

Marina Hoffman

& Gábor Novák

Gábor is the original creator of the Tango Factory, which he built from the ground up, though Marina only joined him a few months after that. Together, they have developed what they call the "Factory Method". From their teaching experience and previous dance knowledge, they have designed an easy but meaningful way into tango. It enables anybody who wants to learn - regardless of shape and age - to dance socially after three months. Those first months are dedicated to learning the basic steps and the most commonly used "figures", as well as 1000 different ways to combine them. Technic is a big part of this method, though the emphasis is very much put on connecting and enjoying. 

Meet the Team

Johanna Tóth

I have been dancing since I was four; I started in the Forrás Folk Ensemble in my hometown, Százhalombatta. I was lucky...

Gábor Novák

In 2006, I started tango. It was a conflicted time in my life and I was looking for a distraction when I heard about tango.

Marina Hoffman

After 13 years of intensive ballet training, I moved in 2011 to Berlin. During two years, I pursued a contemporary...

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